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The Paper SwanThe Paper Swan

Creative Gift-wrapping for Busy People

Economical, time saving and creative ideas to personalize your gift giving.

I love smart, good looking wrapping paper and ribbon. It is important to me to make my gifts look personalized and special for the person or the occasion. I always experimented a lot – even going so far as to “cook” certain ribbon in the oven to make it look unique. Many times the gift-wrap and ribbon would end up costing a great deal more than I intended. I began a quest to find high quality gift-wrap with handsome patters in a reasonable quantity for a thrifty price.

After researching various options, teaching classes in calligraphy and gift wrapping, doing a lot of experimenting and talking to many friends, I realized many other people were interested in the same goals. With a degree in Art and Textiles, it was a lot of fun to pass along tips and ideas about wrapping creatively. Eventually The Paper Swan was born. Through The PaperSwan I was able to turn my hobby into a business and my mother was more than happy I found a way to put my degree to work! I hope you enjoy the products offered here as much as I enjoy picking them out!